Zipline constructions: the adrenaline business


To create a business that homes in on real, intense, unique emotions. To give people an extreme, exhilarating experience that they never forget. This is the challenge we set ourselves here at Adrenaline – and won – when we built our first Zipline, the biggest in Europe. This is the challenge that we’re now giving you.

Zipline – a course of suspended cables that you fly across, strapped into a harness – an adrenaline-fuelled, back-to nature activity; a breath of fresh air for the curious, for novices and for fans of extreme experiences. Zipline is the business opportunity for you.


Why you should launch yourself into a Zipline project


When we decided to construct a Zipline, we came up against all kinds of problems: how to identify companies that could meet the high standards of safety we were aiming for; how to create an eco-sustainable structure; how to get round all kinds of technical barriers.

But our enthusiasm gave us wings. We threw ourselves headlong into the project, we examined every detail and tested everything until we arrived at a solution that was not just satisfactory; it was stunning.

Now you too can tap into all the experience and know-how we’ve accumulated and start up your own Zipline; spread your wings and launch yourself into a business with enormous potential for success.


A key-in-hand Zipline with Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures Group

The first Zipline that Adrenaline built (at San Vigilio di Marebbe in Alto Adige) was opened in July 2008 and is the biggest in Europe at 3,200 metres in length. Over the last 7 years we have constructed several Ziplines and made 100,000 people “fly”.


We have shed loads of experience in designing and building Ziplines, as well as running them. Passion, expertise and technology are the pillars of our design and our vision; a vision that we want to share with you so that Zipline can become your project too.

What we can do for you:

Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP will send you a Zipline ready for its first launch and ready to launch you into the adrenaline business.

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