Extra features

Make your Zipline unique!

Each Zipline is unique.
It is possible to customize each experience by adding new components and features that enhance
efficiency and fun.


A state of the art system for automatic management of the Zipline:
wear monitoring, constant remote assistance, speed up of ordinary activities, maximum safety and performance.

Traffic Light System

This device uses LED lights to prevent premature departure or collisions between riders.
The traffic light only turns green when all the safety measures are activated.

Lifting platform

Rider is always hooked on a cable higher than the access platform, to prevent accidental collisions. By the push-button panel the electric or hydraulic platform is raised to easily hook and unhook the customer. Once the operation is complete it disappears into the floor of the station.

Cable Tensioning Kit

Adrenaline provide adjustable hooks and clamps for cable tensioning. It reduce the runnig costs.

cables control

It is possible to check the integrity of the cable during the maintenance operations with the magneto-inductive detections of the steel. It read 20.000 points per second. It is totaly reliable and ensures safety while lowering inspection and certification time.

On-ride Camera

A system of cameras placed in strategic points to take fantastic high quality shots which riders can buy as an unforgettable souvenir of their flight. The professional SLR cameras operate in any weather conditions.

Video Surveillance

Webcams surveills the Zipline system 24 hour a day. Technologically advanced video cameras guaranttes excellent night vision. Thermal imagining makes it possible to detect people even in the dark.

Safety Net

There are many possible solutions to increase the safety of your station. We provide every platform with Anti-fall devices of every kind. The station can not have parapets and be surrounded by a unique net.

Weather Station

Weather Station measure 24/7 the wind speed and keep on eye all weather alert parameters.

Additonal electrical supply

Electrical supply of the stations is always guaranteed also in the most inaccessible places.
Optical Fiber cables placed on the signal cable allow data and power to be transported without effort.

Photovoltaic panels

Stations can be totally autonomous thanks to the addition of photovoltaic panels. When the sun is not shining, the battery pack provides 48 hours of operating time.


Adventure has not limit.
The skywalk path is only one of the adrenalin-filled design solutions that could be added to the zipline experience.

Laser show

A beam of light connects the valley station to the mountain station. It can vary in tone and effect, implementing the visibility and scenic presence of the installation.

Nocturnal illumination

Whant to increase the productivity of the Zipline? By adding the lightning system can be possible nocturnal flights. Experiencing the night will be an irresistible attraction.

Equipment transportation

Perfect for quickly transporting components along the cable. Operators place pulleys and harnesses inside the box at the valley station. An automatic lifting system takes them back to the start.

Articulated arm

The control panel can be installed on an ergonomic mechanical arm that allows for easy and fast operation of the Zipline system. The operator is free to move around and carry the controls with him.

Remote Assistance

Technical off-site support is always guaranteed. A prompt and advanced technlology comunication system ensure the perfect functioning of the attraction. Maintenance operations and the correct functioning of the system are constantly supported.

Special Effects

Optional extras include water screens, steam tunnes and every possible solution that imagination can effort.