Site inspection

Turnkey Zipline
with Adrenaline

We take care of every step, from site inspection to design,
from installation to maintenance, from extraordinary maintenance to cable testing.
Our work is internationally certified.

Site Inspection

Cutting-edge technology for the best start.

The site inspection is crucial for the overall success of the project.
It is the first step towards the design.
Thanks to the initial survey we can define the main features of the Zipline.

With the most advanced technologies
for 3D terrain modeling.

Thanks to this data, we can draw up a complete

Feasibility Study

that allows you to assess and get to know your Zipline project in depth.

Planning and Design

The basis of the project.

During the planning and design step, any problems that may arise during the Zipline System construction are identified in advance.

We take care of every detail from the design to the construction of each zipline system and do not offer standard solutions for each client.

Our philosophy is based on offering a highly technological zipline with a unique and customized design of the structures, evaluating above all the location of the project and placing our structures in the context to keep them as minimal as possible.

Careful design saves
time and money.


We put goals and ideas on paper.


We work by combining know-how and experience.


We always find the best solution to every problem.


We aim for maximum functionality and perfect integration into the landscape.


We see the project even before its realization through digital simulation and 3D modelling.


We offer customised solutions.


Efficiency, safety and speed.

From paper to reality.
Cableways specialists come into play

On-site collaboration

between the professionals involved
The coordination, the Health and Safety coordination, the Project design and certification, the construction and electrical processes are held directly by Adrenaline Construction throughout the installation phase.

Advanced machinery

and equipment
We use only the best machinery. We choose the equipment for its efficiency and resistance to the gruelling construction works.

Organized logistics

to speed up the work

We produce, transport and assemble the pre-assembled metal components on-site. This logistics allows us to optimise the time spent on-site.

Depending on the different needs, we can also work with local companies and construction workers.

The laying of the cables is done safely with the most suitable means and concerning the characteristics of the context.

Decades of experience

in high level zipline construction
We collaborate also with partners, carefully selected among the best in their field of expertise, to ensure the highest quality standards both in the Zipline design and in the installation phases.

Every request you make
is our duty to fulfil it.

How much maintenance does a Zipline require?

Very little.

Our systems are designed to resist wear and tear, and thus minimize running costs.

Our Zipline cables have an average lifespan of 10 years, the double of standard cables.

Ordinary maintenance can be carried out easily by the operators and managers of the Zipline. The components of our Ziplines are designed to allow simple day-to-day maintenance.

We provide manuals with all the information you need.

Extraordinary maintenance is personally handled by us, as we continue to guarantee high safety standards over the years.

Quality guaranteed over time.

We offer a wide range of system special features, making truly unique and even more profitable Ziplines. They allow you to save time and have lower maintenance costs.

Tele-assistance service

We provide constant remote assistance, anywhere in the world.

Advanced automatic system

Constantly monitors component wear and tear and makes routine maintenance quicker.

Tensioning kit

Allows you to adjust cables independently and effortlessly.

Train the Trainer course

The complete training covers:

Zipline ordinary management

Staff learn to manage the correct sequence of flight operations and the riders during all the experience.

Emergency procedure

Operators are trained to know how to act in any situation.

Cables inspections

Magnetic-inductive test

We select the best cables to build our Ziplines and ensure that their characteristics remain unchanged over time.
We also use magnetic-inductive systems to test the wear and tear of the wire.

Thanks to a 20.000 points per second detecting device, we check easily and rapidly the integrity of our cables. All data is processed and sent to the lab in real-time.

This system is totally reliable and ensures safety while decreasing the time required for inspection and certification.

Testing and certifications

Always under control

Worldwide recognised
certification bodies

Our Ziplines are tested and certified to ensure maximum safety in full compliance with legal requirements.


Independent centre for certification, inspection, testing and training, offering certification services for quality, energy, environment, safety and products. The major international group was founded in 1866 by Bavarian entrepreneurs and engineers, and today is known worldwide by the name TÜV SÜD.

Over time the firm has grown and expanded, and today it operates 800 branches worldwide. Present in more than 60 countries, it employs a total of 24,000 staff.

TÜV is a great partner for all kinds of certification thanks to its experience, professionalism and know-how.


Institute for mechanical handling and logistics, part of the University of Stuttgart.


To satisfy all requirements.
For those who aim to the certification of Zipline operating in marine environments, Adrenaline collaborates with the RINA – a classifier operating in the naval field.

Adrenaline cares about Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality.
That’s why we constantly strive to keep up to date with the following management systems.