Tiroline: a unique attraction for adventure tourism


Adventure tourism is a growing market. Within this context, Zipline is a unique attraction for holiday-makers who are seeking extreme thrills. For you, it can be a successful business.

Zipline is an evolution in cable and pulley crossings, and as we realised here at Adrenaline, can be conceived as a full-blown amusement park.

The course consists of a suspension cable that acts as a bridge between two points at different altitudes, and riders are fitted into a harness. A single system can include a number of parallel cables or intermediate stations to increase capacity or better adapt to the morphology of the terrain.


Single Ziplines

zipline single

Parallel Ziplines

zipline parallel

We have been working on the structure to offer people an extreme “sensory” experience; a journey of intense excitement.

If you work in the tourism or amusement park industry, or if you would like to start up an activity of this type in adventure tourism, Zipline is the attraction to invest in, especially if it’s made by Adrenaline.


Flying Fox from Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP


Adrenaline has revolutionised the concept of the Flying Fox; we’ve redesigned every component of the structure. We’ve had to overcome all kinds of obstacles in building our installations and have added exclusive extras to the classic Zipline. What all this means is:

  • an improved experience: the technical components of Flying Fox are designed to make the flight a 100% positive experience;
  • the highest technological and safety standards;
  • zero impact on the environment

From the technical point of view the feathers in our cap are:

Zipline key-in-hand

Need another reason to come to Adrenaline for your Zipline? The professionalism and precision with which we guide you every step of the way through your project, and deliver your Zipline key-in-hand.

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