“Stay hungry, stay foolish”, Steve Jobs said. And we can add to that: stay high!


This is our motto; to get where we are we aimed high, so high that the first Zipline designed, constructed and operated by Adrenaline has become the biggest in Europe and the installation we built in Germany is the first of its kind ever to be certified by IFT (Institute for the development of technology in Stuttgart) under EU standards for cable lifts for the transport of persons. There is not anything better than putting confidence in hands of experts!

Having operated a Zipline park ourselves since 2008, we know exactly what the important factors are from the point of view of both turnover and safety.

We live on our passion for excitement and sophisticated technology,
we see our project as an extreme adventure, the pursuit of adrenaline. The very name of our company tells our story – Adrenaline: that’s what we do and that’s who we are.


The Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP team

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Carlo Trebo e Samuel Miano, the founders of Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP.
We share the same interest in high quality adventure tourism that combines leisure activity with sustainability.

zipline experts carlo trebo

Carlo Trebo:
“There are no problems; there are only solutions”

It was Carlo who first lit the fuse under this project: he discovered the Zipline experience when he was on holiday. When we decided to throw ourselves into this adventure, Carlo immediately assumed the role of organiser – essential for such an ambitious and complex project. Through all the phases of planning and construction, Carlo’s motto has always been: “there are no problems; there are only solutions.”

zipline experts samuel miano
Samuel Miano:
“Decide that something can and must be done and you’ll find a way”

This was the challenge that Samuel enthusiastically took up and of which Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures Group was the result: to create the opportunity for extreme thrills whilst ensuring the highest standards of safety and technology. His role within the company is marketing and design prototyping. He has prototyping and CAD drawing for breakfast – studying the application of technology to mechanical engineering. Like Lincoln he believes, “decide that something can and must be done and you’ll find a way”.


Our partners

The search for partners in designing Zipline projects has been a long and painstaking process, because on the one hand Zipline means fun, but on the other it means advanced technology and safety and we wanted the best of both. We found it with Martin Oberhuber and Stephan Pircher, two experts with whom we have formed a close and prolific professional relationship, because like us they love new challenges and finding margins for improvement even when we think we’ve found the best solution.
zipline experts martin oberhuber
Martin Oberhuber

Martin is a civil engineer and technical director for cableways for transportation of persons. He’s got cableway design in his blood. His father, Erwin Oberhuber, invented the Funifor funicular railway system.

 zipline experts stephan pircher
Stephan Pircher

Is a young engineer graduated at the Architecture Faculty in Wien.
His strengths are the photorealistic renderings and 3D animations which give the customer an idea of how his project will be realized.

Along with Martin and Stephan we have revolutionised the attraction, getting to work on specific technical details that have enabled us to build structures unrivalled for performance, safety, technology and respect for the environment.

So choose Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures Group and stay high!

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