Site inspection and survey for your Zipline park

survey and site location zipline park
survey and site location zipline park

Is the location you’ve identified for your Zipline construction suitable? We’ll take care of the technical (and financial) feasibility study for the project, using the most advanced technology to explore the area. This is how we carry out the site survey and park design:

We map the chosen area using drones and construct a 3D image of the morphology of the terrain with specialised software.

Depending on the results, our engineers work out the best solution for the structure. We already have your maximum profitability in mind at this stage, as we develop the plan for your desired construction.

survey and site location zipline park

First draft of the final project


As you see, our expert advice gives you the opportunity not only to start off on the right foot, but puts you a step ahead too. The outlay is minimal (from €3.000) and if you decide to proceed with constructing the Zipline, the amount you paid will be deducted from the total cost.


Zipline Business Plan

We can also put together a business plan on request in order to ensure the project is financially viable.