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Rawabi Extreme

Rawabi Extreme

Rawabi, Palestine
665 m
71 m
Max. speed
70 km/h
Flight duration
1 min
Hourly capacity
50 pp/h
2 cons.
Type of flight
Number of lines
2 parallel
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The longest Zipline in Middle East

Two consecutives ziplines 400 and 265 meters long allow tourists to admire the Middle Eastern panorama. The considerable drops of 40 and 31 meters guarantee thrills. Guests fly down a steep stretch, ending with a soft landing.

To customize the attraction as much as possible, we developed the design together with the lift operator. This is why we chose to build two parallel Ziplines of the same length. Visitors in pairs or groups can experience the thrill of flying along the route side by side.

This attraction is designed and built to withstand the high temperatures found in the deserts of the Middle East. Cables, magnetic brakes, and pulleys is tested for a high number of uses, requiring very little maintenance even in extreme heat and sand.

The Zipline is perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment and flies over a natural amphitheater. Other attractions such as mini quads, mountain bikes, climbing walls, and off-road vehicles complete the offerings. The desert location becomes a truly extensive adventure park, perfect for those who enjoy extreme thrills.