A challenge between sky and sea

MSC Seaside is a record-breaking construction, a unique and revolutionary work of naval engineering. It is the largest cruise ship ever built in Italy up to its inauguration in 2017. It is 323 meters long by 160,000 GT heavy. It is equipped with the latest existing technologies concerning onboard entertainment. In honour of this Italian jewel, we designed the longest and the steepest Zipline that has ever sailed the world’s seas.

The Zipline is a fully automated system, which reduces the possibility of any human error. The system is equipped with a purpose-built component recovery system that uses the ropes themselves as a means of transport to optimize the attraction’s capacity. Downtime and bridge space is practically eliminated. Nothing was left to chance. The most important challenge regarding this implementation is the organization of constant daily maintenance due to the high and continuous tourist presence throughout the year. As the Zipline is built on water, it is subject to the natural wave motion, which was calculated and virtually tested at our onshore office during the design phase. Besides, all components have been designed to resist salt corrosion, a characteristic effect of the marine environment.

Thanks to our technology, passengers can fly over the sea while cruising safely.



Rio de Janeiro




150 m


9,94 m

Max. speed

45 km/h

Flight duration

15 s

Hourly capacity

60 pp/h

Type of flight


Number of lines
2 parallel

“It was a pleasure to work with Adrenaline Constructions and achieve a historic result: the first and longest Zipline over the sea! We’re proud to have chosen this serious, professional Italian company to create a new concept of entertainment on board of MSC cruise ships.
The project was extremely demanding, but Carlo Trebo, Samuel Miano and their team worked tirelessly. It was great to see such attention to detail in design and execution, and their strive to ensure that everything ran perfectly!

After months of work on tight deadlines, we had the pleasure of testing the Ziplines over the sea. What a joy to discover we had absolutely nailed all the goals we had discussed years before!
We were very impressed with their reliability, punctuality, technical expertise and dedication to the work.”

Mimmo Lubrano

New Building Project Manager
MSC Crociere