Discover Ahrntal by flying

The Klausberg zipline is the steepest in the South Tyrol Alps. This is partly due to the new 3.0 technology, which is capable of self-adjusting the descent speed, without the need for a manual adjustment of the trolleys by the operator at the start. In addition, the Start System 3.0 is equipped with an additional safety device that monitors the customer’s departure along the rope. The entire system is controlled in real-time by a central computer equipped with signaling devices that are in constant communication with the zipline operators.

The Zipline is part of an Alpine resort renowned for its winter and summer offerings, which are primarily aimed at families.

The stations are designed as simple and elegant design elements, like landmarks integrated into the landscape. The structures are made entirely of painted steel, a material chosen for its low maintenance and because it’s easily adaptable to different stylistic and formal requirements.

Klausberg Italy

Klausberg Resort, (BZ) Italy
210 m
31,50 m
Max. speed

50 km/h

Flight duration
22 s
Hourly capacity
50 pp/h
Type of flight
Number of lines
2 parallel