A thrilling ride in the heart of Germany

ASTENKICK MEGAZIPLINE opened in late summer 2018, drawing even more visitors to the North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany already renowned for adrenaline-packed sports, offering a completely new flying experience! This opportunity intrigued us immediately. The particular features of this tutonic territory allowed us to develop even more technical innovations for our Zipline components. Launching station has been built above the village of Altastenberg (750 m.a.s.l), where visitors have magnificent views of the valley and forests below. Two flight options are available: the Angel Flight and the Seated Standard Flight. Steel cables run for almost a kilometer and the drop is really impressive, a 120 meters fall. The 12.8% slope brings to a maximum speed of 80 km/h on a 50-second flight. The System is fully automated and tested by us after the installation. We also took care of staff training.

Astenkick Mega Zipline

Winterberg, NRW (DE)
895 m
114 m
Max. speed
80 km/h
Flight duration
50 s
Hourly capacity
50 pp/h
Type of flight
Standard horizontal
Number of lines
2 parallel