Germany’s longest Zipline

In the Allgäu region of Germany, Adrenaline Constructions built the first Zipline certified by the IFT (Institute for Technological Development in Stuttgart) as compliant with EU regulations for cable-based people-transportation systems. This year-round facility offers stunning views of the surrounding Alpine mountains. The departure is at approximately 1500 meters above sea level, very close to the summit of Alpspitze.The spectacular Alpspitzbahn is the longest Zipline in Germany, 1200 meters long. It is made of two consecutive sections of 390 and 820 meters, covering a drop of 62 and 217 meters. Riders can achieve the extraordinary speed of 120 km/h during the flight. Put on a helmet, special goggles, safety harness, and ride down to the bottom valley in a thrilling ride! The trip is completely safe. It is regulated by the powerful Self-Adjusting Magnetic Brake made by Adrenaline Constructions. It handles people weighing up to 130 kilos and regulates dynamically riders’ descent.

AlpspitzKICK Zipline

Nesselwang, Allgäu (DE)



1210 m


279 m

Max. speed

120 km/h

Flight duration

90 s

Hourly capacity

40 pp/h


2 cons.

Type of flight


Number of lines