The longest Zipline in Europe

This is the project that started our adventure in the field of Zipline design and construction. It was a very ambitious project since when it was completed in 2008 it became the longest zipline in Europe. But you know, we at Adrenaline Constructions like a challenge.

This installation presented us with obstacles that seemed insurmountable, but thanks to our tenacity we managed to overcome them all. We came out stronger, and with a wealth of experience, technical expertise and mechanical components that have revolutionised the Zipline industry worldwide.

The facility has a total drop of 400 metres – the steepest zipline in the world; there are 7 lines with a total length of 3 kilometres. At the highest point, customers have 100 metres of emptiness under their feet, the maximum speed is 80 kilometres per hour and the longest span is around 800 metres. A breathtaking flight in perfect harmony with the land: our priority is to create installations in which every element is in perfect harmony with the natural environment.

Adrenaline X-treme Adventures Dolomites Italy

San Vigilio di Marebbe, (BZ) Italy



3000 m


600 m

Max. speed

80 km/h

Flight duration

7 min

Hourly capacity

20 pp/h


7 cons.

Type of flight
Number of lines