Zipline station platforms: details make the difference


Our Zipline station platforms are built to the highest standards of safety and designed to blend into the landscape, giving riders a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape and ensuring maximum support for both riders and operators.

The main advantage of these platforms is that they require minimal maintenance. On top of that, the structure is modular and can be adapted to all types of Zipline: parallel, monocable, overlapping cable and multi-cable ziplines (i.e. more than one cable connected to the same structure).




We aim for designs inspired by nature and the surrounding environment, which also respond to customer needs. We set no limits on the type of request, and stations can be customised with a wide range of options. For example, they can be fitted with a wooden roof, a staircase with handrails, and with lighting for night time operation. Or we can fit them with glass floors for a skywalk effect.

The standard structure consists of a 9 sqm platform that can hold up to 20 people. The platform has integral storage boxes for emergency equipment, spare kit, etc. which can be retracted when not in use to leave the platform as uncluttered as possible. The cable reel is in the middle of the structure.

The platform is designed in sections for easy transport by helicopter. The framework is quick to assemble to reduce installation costs.



The framework of the platform is made of galvanized steel with certified welding and can be clad with solid wood or Wood Plastic Composite (synthetic wood) for optimum weather resistance.

Support stands

The stations are constructed on foundations composed of:

tie rods fixed to the rock for use in rocky terrain (this is the preferred option since it is the least invasive and most cost-effective);

concrete footings;

metal frame cages filled with excavated material (the option mainly used for protected sites);

anchors for artificial structures such as bridges, ships, dams, skyscrapers, etc.

Every safety requirement

To reinforce our message: security is the absolute top priority for us. That’s why we designed our platforms with a permanent safety lock system with a ground lead to prevent swaying and no sharp edges. There’s also an escape hatch for quick evacuation of higher platforms where necessary.