The Magnetic Pulley

The Magnetic Pulley has a magnetic motor brake, and is undoubtedly the technological jewel of the Adrenaline X-Treme Adventures GROUP Zipline.

The pulley and the starting device are the elements we dedicated most time to.

It is designed for high performance and safety. The magnets are made to withstand high temperatures and never become demagnetised. All the components have been tested for resistance to wear. Precisely for this reason, there are no maintenance requirements.

minimal maintenance

The slots for coupling

There are two slots for coupling: one is the main carrier and the other for security. They are rounded for added strength and designed for a perfect fit with the carabiner. The engaging holes are positioned for maximum grip on even the steepest of cables.

The bullwheel

The design of the bullwheel is the result of years of testing. The aim was to create a wheel suitable for all types of cable, that runs silently and has the best possible grip, even in rain, snow, ice or sand, so it can be used at any time of the year.

Regulation of the braking action

The Magnetic Pulley makes the operator’s job simpler and quicker. It works on both fast and slow cables and with any weight (30 to 150 kg), so there’s no need to change the pulley according to the rider’s weight, which is the case with other Ziplines.

The brake adjustment gives you important benefits and allows you to:

  • adjust the braking force according to the slope of the zipline park
  • adjust the braking force according to the weight of the customer (30-150kg) using the same pulley.
  • Save money, by buying in this way less pulleys.

30 kg weight

50 kg weight

80 kg weight

100 kg weight

120 kg weight

150 kg weight

The pulley can be used with extreme weather conditions:


up to 60°C


strong wind gusts


The Magnetic Pulley hooks onto both the starting device and the magnetic brake at the end of the line, and coupling is fully automatic upon contact; this system avoids having to retrieve the rider from the cable.


DBS coupling

Starting device

The motor-brake pulley works on greater differences in altitude than have ever been possible before; consider that the system we installed in Nesselwang, Germany, has a maximum gradient of 50% – the steepest in the world.

up to 0% slope

In terms of improvement to the experience, this pulley can reach the astonishing speed of 150 km/h (maximum speed) and the rider will not have the sensation that the brakes are being applied because it’s a dynamic pulley that brakes gradually as you get closer to arrival. It also means the rider does not have to slow himself down, greatly increasing the degree of safety.

Reaches 0 km/h top speed!!!

It is also lightweight and compact, and therefore very easy to transport and attach directly to the harness when the rider is on the platform. Finally, it is two-directional: it runs and brakes in both directions, avoiding any possibility of error on the part of the operator.


The Start system

The start system makes the starting operation fast and safe.

The operator connects the pulley to the starting device located on the cable. This allows him to use both hands to attach the rider, avoiding premature departure. When the green light comes on – the signal that all safety devices are activated – the operator presses the lever on the back of the Start system and the pulley is released, initiating the ride.

This system can be used on multiple lines to start all riders off simultaneously.

Technical specifications Magnetic Pulley

Weight: 3.2 kg

Operating temperature: -30 to +50 C

Direction of sliding: bidirectional

Slots for coupling: 2

Drop: 2% min – 50% max

Maintenance: after 50,000 km

Coupling: automatic attachment

Permitted use: ice – snow – sand – rain – sun

Cable diameter allowed: 10 mm min – 25 mm max

Height: 145 mm

Length: 275 mm

Width: 105 mm

Adjustments for weight: 10 settings

Max speed: 150 km/h

Type of flight allowed: single and tandem

Participant weight: 30 kg min – max 150 kg

Materials: steel – aluminum

Certificate: CE