We devote the same care and attention to our equipment as we do to our large Zipline components.


The harness is a key item of equipment: it must be comfortable and easy to put on, it must transport the rider comfortably and safely so that s/he can enjoy the experience in complete faith.

The harnesses we supply are perfectly adapted to customer needs. There are different types according to the type of ride.


Standard ride

We use the Navaho Bod Fast by Petzl, the best harness on the market. Suitable for installations with a high density of riders, it has a 10-year warranty. Very easy to use, allows you to fasten the passenger in within 10-20 seconds.

Horizontal ride

For horizontal rides, also known as angel flights, we have a zip-fastened harness which is practical and comfortable and designed to allow customers to make the most of the ride.

Chair rides

The seat harness is ideal for the Zipline and is designed to make the ride safe and comfortable. No clasp: you put it on like a garment.

All harnesses are certified for durability and can be cleaned.


We use high strength VULCAN carabiners (Petzl); these are made of steel, a non-wearing material in contact with the cable and perfect for multiple and frequent-use coupling. In addition, it’s impossible for the customer to tamper with them.

Directional device

The system of coupling and spacing from the pulley, so that riders are not able to touch the cable with their hands. We also use a directional device which is lightweight and compact, located underneath the carabiner: the rider holds on with his/her hands and can travel facing the desired direction without having to turn around.


Lanyards and helmets

The lanyard is double and contained inside a sheath to prevent it from getting tangled around the rider. The helmets are easy to put on, comfortable and easy to clean.