The cable is one of the main components


The cable is one of the main components, which is often overlooked. We spent a lot of time seeking out the best cable for Zipline, a product that would guarantee a minimal wear coefficient and the highest standard of safety.

To find it we turned to leading companies throughout the world. We needed certified cables for carrying persons, which were compacted, so as to reduce friction and noise as the pulley glides across.

The tightened suspension cable connects the higher station and the lower station and is anchored to them in accordance with relevant legislation.

The cables are made for the Zipline to order; they’re galvanized, twist-resistant and have high breaking loads. This allows us to build longer spans. They require little maintenance and last on average 10 years or more – double the length of time for standard cables. What’s more, they can also be used in temperatures ranging from -20 to +50°c.

average duration

To improve performance, the cables are not greased, producing the same results for speed and braking.

One of the advantages of using more sophisticated technology, is that we have been able to insert an optical fibre through the centre of the cable to transmit data and power from one end to the other, to enable communication between the towers, where necessary.

We are the first to provide the magnetic-inductive exams on Zipline cables to ensure the highest safety.