What is a Zipline?

What is a Zipline?

It's an attraction,
an amusement park,
a challenge to ourselves.

In Australia they’re known as “Flying Foxes”and “Canopy Tour” , in the UK as “Aerial Runways”, the South Africans call them “Foofy Slides” and in Italian-speaking Switzerland they’re “Tirolesi”. An old-fashioned name might be “Cableways”.

We call them Ziplines,
as they do in the USA and in most of the world.

It consists of riding down one or more cables and, thanks to gravity it’s possible to experience the thrill of flight.It involves a load-bearing cable connecting two points at different heights. Riders are fitted with a harness.

Our Ziplines are true amusement parks, the perfect attraction for tourism, combining a thrilling adventure with a unique way of sight-seeing in a location.

The are many solutions for any location.

Zipline possibilities:


Unique line

Consecutive lines

Number of lines

Single line

Parallel lines

Type of flight

Standard flight with carabiner

Standard Flight with Directional Device

Horizontal Flight

Seated Flight

What makes our Zipline an attraction to invest in?


An absolutely thrilling and unforgettable experience


It is built according to the highest standards of technology and safety


Minimum enviromental impact

A Zipline Business

It’s not only an engineering project,
it’s also business.

Why investing in a Zipline system?
Because it’s an economic opportunity


Low operating costs.


Excellent return of initial investment.


Very few staff required.


Great Media impact.


Moderate fix costs.

How much does a Zipline cost?
Ziplines are like snowflakes.

no two are alike!

Therefore, we do not calculate standard costs. Each project has its own peculiarities and requires meticulous research and original solutions.

Each Zipline is a tailor-made project because it is customized for each customer and location, and as such, the cost varies accordingly.

The real question is not “How much does a Zipline cost?”, but rather
“How much is a Zipline worth to me?”.

All begins with a
Feasibility Study.

The feasibility study also includes a draft business plan, that allows the financial aspects of the project to be considered.

The cost of the initial Feasibility Study will be deducted from the total amount of the main project once you decide to proceed.

The fee starts at € 3,000, it depends on the distance of the location from our headquarters and the duration of the inspection.

Start your Business

Let your adventure begin.

We invite you to carry out a simple ‘self-assessment’
to evaluate the preliminary feasibility of a Zipline on your chosen location, and to provide a rough estimate of costs.

This evaluation will allow you to understand easily where Zipline installation is possible and where not.

Let’s start with a few simple steps.