Trolley 3.0

The most compact rubber trolley in the world

Magnetic Trolley 3.0

Where it was impossible before


Immerse yourself completely in nature.
The innovative design of the pulleys in special polymer allows the Magnetic Trolley 3.0 to fly in complete silence.

You fly in total discretion, without worrying about disturbing those around you.
The hiss generated is 97% lower compared to a standard trolley.

Self-adjusting brake.

The descent adjusts itself according to the weight of the participant.

In the current market, there are different types of trolleys per-set according to the load, or manually adjusted according to the braking capacity.

Thanks to the integrated system of magnetic pulleys,
the Magnetic Trolley 3.0 braking system acts autonomously adapting to the customer and the shape of the Zipline.

The magneto-inductive brake:

1. Eliminates the risk of human error. The manual adjustment step is removed.

2. Makes braking smooth.
The participants are braked by the gradual, speed-dependent widening of the discs. When the speed increases, the discs move closer to the magnets, braking the descent; when it decreases, they return to their initial position.

3. Increase logistic efficiency.
You can save time and money, by purchasing a single effective solution for both children and adults. The phase of choosing the most suitable device is eliminated.

Uncompromising design.

Constantly looking for the best line.

High performance.

23% more grip compared to normal rubber pulleys.

No aquaplaning thanks to the groove of the wheels.

Winning longevity.

The Magnetic Trolley 3.0 is mainly composed of aluminum and metal.
It’s light and handy.

It is wound around the rope through a ring made of
stainless steel, to resist rubbing,

2 anchor

The magnetic Trolley 3.0 has two anchoring possibilities: from the simple carabiner to the shaped metal arm.

Whatever anchorage is chosen, the pulley cannot release from the cable, even in the unlikely event that the pulleys come out of their place.

Closed loop.

Directional Device.

The new directional device allows participants to check their position during the standard flight.

Quick and fully automated coupling.

All types of flight in one device.

Standard flight with carabiner

Standard flight with arm

Horizontal flight

Seating flight


* Whatever the direction, the operation is guaranteed.


Magnetic Trolley 3.0


Anodized black, steel gray, red


30 – 140 kg

Dimensions & weight

Length: 294 mm; Height: 100 mm
Width: 88 mm; Weight: 3,2 kg


Stainless steel


<45 Db

Usage temperature

-30 ÷ 50 C

Type of hooking

Directional device

Weather conditions

Wind max 50 knots
Humidity max 100%
saline enivronment

Cable diameter

12 ÷ 20 Ø mm

Automatic Hooking


Flight mode

Let me into
your world!

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