Trolley 3.0


We use the Navaho Bod Fast by Petzl, the best harness on the market.
Suitable for Ziplines with a high rate of rides, its lifespan is guaranteed for 10 years.
Extremely easy to use, it allows riders to be prepared in 10-20 seconds.

For horizontal rides, also known as angel flights, we provide a practical and comfortable zip-up harness designed for maximum rider enjoyment.

The seat harness is designed to make the flight safe and comfortable. There’s no buckle: it’s worn like a garment.

Zipline equipment

We choose all equipment items with the same care and attention we devote to the major components of the zipline.

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The harness is an essential item of equipment to make riders feel comfortable and safe, giving them the best possible Zipline experience.

The harnesses we provide are lightweight and easy to put on, perfectly suited for riders of every height and size.

We provide 3 main types of harnesses, for different styles of ride.


We use high-strength Vulcan carabiners by Petzl. Made from steel and highly resistant to cable friction, these connectors are perfect for multiple and frequent use. For maximum safety, they are impossible to tamper with.

Stainless steel carabiners

Standard carabiners in superior grade AISI 316 stainless steel. Tested and guaranteed for breaking strength. Completely reliable for use in marine environments.

Lanyards and helmets

The double lanyard is contained in a sheath to prevent tangling around the rider. Helmets are easy to put on, comfortable, certified and easy to clean.

Directional Device

Lightweight and compact, the directional device is placed under the carabiner and allows the rider to hold on and face the direction of flight, preventing turning around. The coupling device is spaced at a distance from the pulley, avoiding the risk of the rider accidentally touching the cable.