Trolley 3.0

Where it was
impossible before.

Soft landing
DBS system guarantees a soft landing due to its technology,
prime materials and solid constructions

The DBS automatically detects the speed of arrival and location.
Thanks to this information, it determines the smoothest braking curve.

DBS in La Majella

Incredibly smooth braking

Guaranteed fun thanks to the gradual braking

Kevlar ropes

for uncompromising braking strength​

Incomparable safety

Redundant safety with double braking lanyards.


Manual emergency
brake in case of black out

The DBS has an additional integrated
emergency brake in the event of a power
failure or other.

Security control system

Twin Safe is the automatic system that connects all the safety devices from the starting platform to the arrival platform. This innovative system allows optimal adaptation to specific safety requirements

The ability to distribute the intelligence of a complete security system across multiple Twin Safe modules facilitates the implementation of more advanced modular architectures and effective expansion.

The particular feature is the possibility of communication between all the safety devices and the pre-processing of internal data.

Automated features
The system is able to brake, recover and reset in a completely automatic and independent way.
It achieves maximum productivity thanks to the extraordinary speed of recovery and rearrangement.

Simple hook to the bumper
The bumper, which is part of the dynamic braking system, automatically hooks the pulley to the landing platform.


Dynamic Braking System


Glossy black, steel gray, green

Entry speed

3 ÷ 100 km/h

Dimensions & weight

Length: 781 mm; Height: 517 mm Width: 388 mm; Weight: 35 kg


Stainless steel


<10 Db

Usage temperature

-30 ÷ 50 C

Type of hooking

Automatic coupling

Weather conditions

Wind max 50 knots
Humidity max 100%
Saline environment

Cable diameter

12 ÷ 20 Ø mm

Electrical connection

3,5 Kw/h

Braking lenght

max 17 meters

Number of lanyards

6 mm Kevlar redundant braking lanyards

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