Trolley 3.0


Solid, technical, certified

One of the Zipline’s main components. Our suppliers are world leading manufacturers of cables certified for the transport of people, with minimal wear and the highest safety levels. The resulting cables are perfect for our purposes:

Non-turning, high load, stable and at the same time flexible: these specific qualities make Flexpack a winning choice. Its particular design, based on modular compacted strands, allows for high performance constructions, even in the most severe conditions.

The non-turning cables surface treatment allows a further increase in corrosion protection and therefore a longer life span of the rope.

A cable is composed with 41 sections, each section is composed by 7 twisted ropes.

Galfan Full Locked Coil Ø 18 mm, strands have a high metallic cross section – this guarantees a higher breaking load and elastic axial stiffness with a smaller/reduced diameter.

The outer “Z”-shaped layers give the rope a smoother profile, which allows for better clamping. The locked external surface, the internal compound Tensofill and the zinc–aluminium alloy coating (Zn95Al5) of each external wire allow for a high corrosion protection.

Improved corrosion resistance. A combination of the closed design construction of a FLC cable, with Galfan coated outer Z shaped wires and an internal zinc rich paste blocking compound that cables use result in a finished cable that has several stages of corrosion resistance.



Strong and compact

Steel gray


Reduce friction and noise during usage


Average operation time

10 years (twice the life of standard cables)

Usage temperature

-30 ÷ 50 C

Twist- resistant


12 ÷ 20 Ø mm