BMW has chosen flying by wire to launch the new X1 in Milan.

BMW is going beyond the borders of unconventional marketing and is now marketing … adrenaline. The famous car company has organized a promotional event in Milan, for the release of the new BMW X1, which will not go unnoticed.

BMW the corporate event has become an attraction.

From December 7 to 13, in fact, on Porta Nuova’s ‘campo di grano’, the Milanese will see an unusual installation: the Adrenaline Xtreme Adventures GROUP’s Flying fox, an attraction also known as flying on a wire or a zipline.

What is it exactly?

What a Flying Fox or zipline is

The Flying Fox is an installation that allows you to experience one of the most exciting adrenaline experiences of all: flying on a wire. The apparatus is simple and very high-tech: a steel rope, certified as suitable for carrying people, is stretched between two towers, which act as the departure and arrival stations: through a system of pulleys, participants fly across from one point to the other and across a drop from a higher to a lower point.

In fact, it is possible to design various models of zipline, with single or parallel runs. The attraction is suitable for both natural and urban settings and has zero environmental impact.

Thanks to its modular nature, we can deliver and assemble the apparatus – designed to fit its destination – without any logistical problems.

Safety is guaranteed, as is the memorable nature of the experience.

Ziplines are becoming real amusement parks, like the one which we run in San Vigilio di Marebbe, in Alto Adige, the largest zipline park in Europe, with its 3,200 meters of track; but the Flying Fox is also perfect for corporate events, such as the one organized by BMW in Milan to publicise the launch of their new SUV.

Given the project’s uniqueness, it is expected to be a great success and, above all, to restore the brand’s high profile.

The Adrenaline X-treme Adventures zipline project for BMW

The setting is Porta Nuova, in the heart of Milan’s business district. The zipline will be installed in the area recently occupied by “Wheatfield”, a cornfield designed by the artist Agnes Denes for the Expo 2015. It is surrounded by the skyscrapers of Milan, including Boeri’s famous Vertical Forest.


People planning to fly during the 7 days of the initiative.

The number of flights which can be made every hour.


Qualified instructors present on site to operate the wires.

The system’s technical data

  • 2 departure towers, 15 meters high, (size 6×6).
  • 2 arrival towers, 5 meters high, (size 6×6).
  • High tensile galvanized steel, antitwist suspension cables.
  • Signalling cables to link the accompanying devices to the platform.

Once the event is over, the Flying Fox will be dismantled, leaving no trace of its passage.

However, it will certainly leave its mark on the public. An excellent reason to choose a zipline for your corporate event.

To see the power of attraction of flying on a wire for yourself, come to Milan between December 7th and 13th. The equipment will be in operation from 12:00 to 15:30 and from 16:30 to 21:30. We look forward to seeing you!